Friday, 29 July 2011



100 mile and 100km Route Guide

We will not be giving out route guides on the day these can be downloaded to your computer and printed off or downloaded to your phone with the following link




1 A 87300 Michael Fawcett
2 A 76845 Andrew Steel
3 A 58181 Paul Maddox
4 A 96965 Roger Dodd
5 A 95717 Alastair Murdoch
6 A 97308 Alan Hawkes
7 A 71937 Mark A Slack
8 A 97352 Ahmos Sansom
9 A 97389 Kerry Lockett
10 A 47661 Richard Ellis
11 A 54770 Andrew Barrow
12 A 79302 Rob Sutton
13 A 97698 Andy Creer
14 A 97727 Mark Bytheway
15 A 97730 Ian Barton
16 A 97734 John Hill
17 A 51311 Dan Conaway
18 A 97845 Tony Williams
19 A 97899 Nikkie Allen
20 A 97901 Paul Allen
21 A 84831 Alisdair Keats-Rawling
22 A 70567 Patrick Higgins
23 A 98069 Peter Cooke
24 A 47177 Ray Noble
25 A 98124 Joel Morgan
26 A 98214 Gary Watson
27 A 60392 Aled Roberts
28 A 98252 Jim Williams
29 A 87016 Adam Sant
30 A 76672 Paul McManus
31 A 81559 Geoff Pell
32 A 28378 John Garrad
33 A 93893 Mike Gibbons
34 A 98797 Christophe Wood
35 A 98820 Darren Barrs
36 A 98835 John Richards
37 A 98837 Paul Phillips
38 A 98838 Dave Johnson
39 A 98839 Billy Bonner
40 A 98840 Ken Worral
41 A 98841 Nick Bateman
42 A 98842 Sam Mellor
43 A 98843 Andy Baxter
44 A 98844 Dave Bussy
45 A 98889 Simon Walker
46 A 98903 Richard Orrell
47 A 98925 Stewart Bennet
48 A 98927 Lee Preistley
49 A 98928 Sam Taylor
50 A 98926 Mr Griffith
51 A 98929 Mitch Butterworth
52 A 98946 Tony Jackson
53 A 98951 Craig Battersby
54 A 87527 Neil Murphy
55 A 85652 Martin Nicholls
56 A 62037 Matt Counsell
57 A 49340 James Woodbine
58 A 99042 Bill Taylor
59 A 99043 Dave Best
60 A 99044 Danny Green
61 A 99045 George Smith
62 A 99046 Pat Hill
63 A 20664 Paul Jones
64 A 80148 Alex Irving
65 A 41754 Clive Heap
66 A 99188 Matthew Jenkins
67 A 99200 Andrew Holt
68 A 51720 Alec Guthrie
69 A 99240 Ian Denham
70 A 99242 Paul Linford
71 A 64019 Ian Parkinson
72 A 45176 Roger Booth
73 A 85444 Mike Hannay
74 A 79096 Robert Dickson
75 A 27179 Jonathan Dixon
76 A 20941 David Threlfall
77 A 99383 Shaun Borrill
78 A 12352 Martin Smith
79 A 99413 Clive Roberts
80 A 99414 Mark Smith
81 A 87078 Thomas Webber
82 A 99458 Mark Williams
83 A 65245 Andy Suggitt
84 A 87750 Emma Douglas-Smith
85 A 99481 Rob McGregor
86 A 52438 Mark Russell
87 A 52443 Michael Murray
88 A 99503 James Stewart
89 A 58094 Nigel Troup
90 A 58726 Seb Gray
91 A 75329 Mark Pashley
92 A 83286 Mark Taylforth
93 A 85765 Mark Millward
94 A 52252 Andy Saunders
95 A 87669 Ian Wilmshurst
96 A 99612 Edward White
97 A 99626 Robert Dickinson
98 A 99631 Michael Robinson
99 A 99633 Phillip Chell
100 A 87390 Trevor Myatt
101 A 99642 Alan Hill
102 A 99655 Jeremy Morris
103 A 99658 Mark Ratcliffe
104 A 83263 Tim O'Sullivan
105 A 43291 Ian Paterson
106 A 99691 Pete Butterworth
107 A 54373 Andrew Proctor
108 A 58294 Jane Roberts
109 A 96077 Kate Fisher
110 A 99096 Stephen Sloan
111 A 44464 Bill Taylor
112 A 99741 David Gallagher
113 A 54277 John Barnfield
114 A 77509 Steve Goodwin
115 A 99761 Ian Nock
116 A 59422 Mike Bulcock
117 A 99767 Dave Bright
118 A 99768 Nick Fowler
119 A 57023 Wayne Burgreave
120 A 79150 Stephen Flynn
121 A 84959 Peter Hindley
122 A 50308 Peter Kenyon
123 A 67754 Pauline Griffin
124 A 99808 Ian Watson
125 A 99813 Michael James
126 A 99816 Patricia Byrne
127 A 99819 Sam Harris
128 A 99828 Michael Newman
129 A 83100 Colin Jones
130 A 57202 Rachel Shepherd
131 A 99836 Owen Shepherd
132 A 83078 Peter Johnstone
133 A 99855 Paul Meredith
134 A 99853 Paul Eardley
135 A 15276 Karen Stuart-Smith
136 A 99866 Stephen Skelton
137 A 59625 David Nolan
138 A 54459 Andy Clark
139 A 81165 Adrian Whitehead
140 A 59248 Peter Gettings
141 A 43198 Carol Moir
142 A 43199 Doug Moir
143 A 40445 Steve Turner
144 A 99941 James Duffy
145 A 95880 John Mason
146 A 95849 Graeme Robinson
147 A 88516 Brendan Devlin
148 A 9360 Richard Leonard
149 A 33886 Neil Barker
150 A 99970 Simon Broad
151 A 55662 Katrina Taylor
152 A 99738 Barry Taylor
153 A 96160 Warren Reibbitt
154 A 98074 Darren Lovett
155 A 99950 Paul Cartwright
156 A 99980 Anne Fox-Kelly
157 A 99985 Bruce Birkett
158 A 99987 Greg Haigh
159 A 99988 Wendy Robinson
160 A 100007 Oliver Princep
161 A 100005 Sarah Prince
162 A 100008 Ian Dean
163 A 85965 David Hole
164 A 100018 James Hole
165 A 100019 Darren Ratcliffe
166 A 99983 Matt Gardiner
167 A 86363 Stefan Cornish
168 A 86364 Graham Shipperly
169 A 86368 Wayne Booth 

Tuesday, 26 July 2011



HQ - Poynton leisure Centre Yew Tree lane Poynton, Cheshire. SK12 1PU

Registration opens at 7.00

In registration your name will be on the start sheets on the tables. Look for your name and number.
You will be given your number and a goody bag. You do not need to sign anything. You have already signed on during the online entry system

If you are entering on the day you need to download an entry form and a Route Card. Bring the completed form signed and with the correct fee to ON THE DAY registration desk. You will be given a number and a goody bag.

Numbers must be attached to your handlebars for timing purposes. If your number is not on your handlebars you may be missed from the results.

Start Time - 8.00 am

RESULTS - Results will be posted on the website on Monday

There is a large car park at the Poynton Leisure Centre and also next door at the school.
You will be directed by the Leisure Centre Staff.


Participents take part in the event at entirley at their own risk.

Participents should follow instructions from the marshals

The ride is run under British Cycling Cyclosportive Rules.

Participants will be responsible for the roadworthiness of their own cycle.

You must obey all Highway Code Rules. You are requested to ride in single file where appropriate and no more than 2 abreast at any time. Please be aware of your fellow cyclists and other traffic. Please indicate your intention to stop or change direction.

This is a great circuit and we would like to use it again next year. Please show courtesy and respect for other road users. A cheery wave and a smile works wonders

There are toilets at the start and finish also public toilets on route

The route is marked by signage. A black arrow on an Flourescent yellow background. We wil be painting the roads with a yellow arrow. We also have a support vehicle that proceeds the riders replacing missing signs. Hopefully we can keep everyone on track.

ROUTE CARDS are available to download off the websit. You can also download it onto your phone.

It is the responsibility of each participant to take the correct course. Participants are required to carry traditional map based route instructions.

All competitors are advised to wear a safety helmet to ANSI Z90/4 or SNELL standards

You may not use your mobile phone while riding. You must stop at the side of the road if you need to make or receive a call.

Having a mobile phone with you on the ride is encouraged. It is usefull if you get lost or need to be picked up by the support vehicles

JODRELL BANK CYCLOSPORTIVE will provide fluid and food at designated feed stations. This is intended only as a top up. You are encouraged to take enough food and fluid for the full distance of the event.

 It is also advised that all participants carry enough food, drink, money and extra clothing to complete the ride being under taken taking into account the route and possible adverse weather conditions.

There are support vehicles and motorcycle marshals on the ride. If you need to be picked up call the organisers tel: number below.

Mechanical falure or cannot continue. You can also stop at the feeding stations if you have any problems and they will bring you back to the HQ.

Marshals are there to help they are not allowed to stop the traffic you are responsable for your own actions at junctions throughout the ride.

We are using some cycle routes in order to avoid town centres, Airports and busy dual carriage ways.

The first one is the Manchester Airport Orbital cyle route. Parts of the route are not tarmaced although the surface is hard and compounded, extra caution is needed especially in the last 1/4 of a mile where it is quite narrow and winding.
The upside that you get a great view of the Airport and Runway. It's a close as you can get a a jet plane without having a ticket.
There's not so much a headwind along this stretch as a back draft from the planes taking off.

The second section is near Moulton as you near the Vale Royal Park Caravan site there is a section of the Cheshire Cycleways Route that is not tarmaced. Again the surface is hard and compounded but extra caution is needed. It is only about a 1/4 of a mile and all down hill.

One more point to mention is that after Lach Denis and as you cross the junction with the A530 the road ahead says closed. It is only closed to cars. There is a temporay bridge which can be used by pedestrians and cyclists.


There is a cut off point at the first feeding station of 11.30 any riders reaching this point after 11.30 will be sent on the 100km route.


It looks like it will be a fine sunny day please do not forget sun cream and make sure you keep hydrated.

We have two feeding staions one at Foxtwist Green and the 2nd at Church Minshall. The stops have been located to assist the 100 mile riders, the 100km riders will probably find them too close together you can stop at one or both of them.

Organisation Phone Number Tel: 07583234531

In case of an emergency please ring 999

There is free food and drink available at the finish

A would just like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable ride.

Our next event is the TOUR OF THE PENNINES 17th September